Prop Rental Info

The ability to rent props from the Wirtz Center is a privilege not a right.  Wirtz is allowed to say no to any rental at any time.  Rentals will not happen if the shop is too busy with the mainstage shows.  Wirtz Center upcoming performances.

There are a lot of images on some pages and might take a bit longer to load.

Scale sticks:

They are pictured in every photo.  Each marking is 3″.  (Example: Black, White, Black, White would total 1′-0″).  Some of the newer photos have a Yellow and Red mark at every 1′-0″.

Prop pick-up and return times:

Pick-ups and returns MUST be scheduled in advance of showing up.  PICK-UPS AND RETURNS NEED TO HAPPEN DURING THE WEEKDAY. The shop is only open Monday-Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm-4:30pm.  Not every time is available, some days the shop can be very flexible, others can have very few openings.

Please DO NOT show up without scheduling a time and receiving a confirmation.  Emailing is the best option.

Prop availability:

Email Chris ( to see if things are available for the times you want.  In the email include when you will need the items (ideal pickup and return dates (Month/Day); not school class/quarter week(s)), the items you are hoping for, and the company name is helpful.  Include links to the item or the category with the item/image title.


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